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CD-en kan kjøpast for kr. 50.- (eller 75.- inkl. postgebyr)
This CD can be purchased for 5.- Euro (or 10.- Euro incl. postal exp.)

Recorded in February-April 2005 in my flat on an 8-track HD recorder.
All vocals/instruments: Jens Haugan.
This is a demo recording. The songs are mostly recorded within a few hours without much rehearsing and with no focus on accuracy or professional sound - call it spontaneous and live. :
Instruments: (guitars) Ibanez AS200, Takamine EC-128, Ibanez Talman TTR30, (guit. proc.) ZOOM 4040; Yamaha TRB-6; (keyboard) Roland XP10, (drums) Roland TD-6K; (recording) BOSS BR1180CD.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying, public performance, hiring or rental of this recording prohibited.

Thanks to:
My old band Thule (1986/1987)

Antonia Rose
for checking my lyrics.

Randi Oppedal
for feedback and support.

My son Birk
for still being my biggest fan! :

All of you who keep on being interested in my music and my lyrics and who never stop wondering about what I come up with next time…

endra/changed/geändert : 19. April 2005