ICT and Learning - IKT og læring

Dr. Jens Haugan

I am a researcher working with various aspects of ICT and Learning at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), (former) Laboratory for ICT and Learning (L@bIL), now Programme for Learning with ICT.

I have also been employed as an associate researcher with focus on ICT and adult learners at the Norwegian institute for Adult Education (VOX) in 2002/2003.

Some projects I am / have been involved in

General publication list

Føredrag 30.10.2002: Korfor og korleis komme i gang med nettbasert læring (pdf-version)

Manuscripts for Classroom 2002:

ICT and Strategic Learning. (Talk at the international conference "Classroom 2020". Fauske Hotell, Norway 27th May 2002.

IKT og strategisk læring. (Norsk versjon av føredraget med enkelte mindre avvik frå den engelske versjonen.

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